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What is StitchKit?

StitchKit is a FashionTech kit made for everyone: from the young student, to teachers, to design professionals and cosplayers. StitchKit contains all the components you need to get started to turn your design projects into awesome wearable projects!


Our Story

Through MakeFashion, we began running STEAM workshops, introducing people to technology through fashion. This has had such a profound and transformative impact on the lives of the people we teach, as well as ourselves. StitchKit is inspired by the work we have done in this space.


Who is it for?

StitchKit is for anyone and everyone interested in fashion, technology, wearables, or cosplay and wants to create really amazing things. Whether you’re a student, a teachers or a designer, our aim is to reduce the barriers into technology and fashion, letting you be creative.

What's Inside?

StitchKit comes with a custom Arduino-based board (based on the ATMega32U4) that is made specifically for FashionTech and wearables and was designed to withstand movements of daily wear and use. It is compact enough to be incorporated and hidden into your fashion or wearable piece. It also comes with a number of different sensors, such as sound, proximity (distance), light, vibration, buttons (and more), as well as lights…lots of lights!


Easy to Use

We’ve removed the need to solder and made it easier to program our board

Plug and Play Sensors

We’re using the Grove sensors, which are plug and play with StitchKit!

LED Strips Galore

StitchKit comes with different light (LED) strips perfect for lots of projects

Sewable LED Strip

We’ve got the world’s FIRST sewable LED strip, ONLY available with StitchKit

Sample Code and Instructions

We’ll provide lots of code for sensors, and instructions for doing cool things

StitchKit Community

We’re creating a community of StitchKitters, and you’ll be a part of it!

Custom Arduino Board

We’ve created a board that’s small and powerful for your fashion tech projects

Great Customer Support

If you get stuck on a project, or need some help, our team is always ready to help!


April 1

MakeFashion Founded

MakeFashion’s 1st FashionTech Gala

Our Team

Ryan Bailey

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